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About Me

About Me Humraj Singh Padan
Humraj Singh Padan

Hi my name is Humraj and I have been involved in the banking and finance industry for 3+ years and helped over 5,000 people with their banking and financial needs.

But during my short career, I have seen people exposed to the many problems that many people face in terms of money management, the problems people have when saving money & spending habits that impact their wealth over the long term.

Financial Journey Education helps people to build better habits to grow and develop their money and mindset, and help educate people about financial education to help them achieve their own financial independence.

My overall goal with this blog is to help people learn more about the fundamentals of personal finance as well as share my knowledge during my financial career to help people achieve their financial independence. (see here for legal disclaimer)

I should also mention, that I also have a Youtube channel here with videos already geared toward helping people learn more about investing, entrepreneurship, personal finance and development.

So feel free to check out the latest videos on my Youtube channel here, as new content is coming out every week so stay up to date with it.

The core aim of the channel is to provide financial education and financial literacy, along with building better habits with your money and mindset to achieve financial independence.

But how did I get to this point you ask?

How I Started With Making Money

Well, my ambition for making money started at around 14 years old when I would go and help my dad with a market stall he sets up throughout the summer and I would learn all the sales and negotiation tactics from him.

Not to mention, this helped me understand early on the amount of work needed to run a business like this.

Even though I worked with my dad on the market stall maybe 6 hours 1 day a week he still raked in over £500 to £600 in 1 day… This blew my mind (of course I asked for a small commission).

This is how I made my first £20 at 14 years old.

It wasn’t much but it made me understand what it took to earn some money.

Now, at this point my dad spent 8-10 hours a day finding stock, talking with suppliers and most of the time in his garage to get this £600 in a single day, this also meant I helped a little too but helped me understand more about the work behind the scenes.

Fast forward a month my dad put me in charge of a certain section of “toys” which was a clever way to bring in new customers, especially the parents who would bring their children to the local market too.

Now, this was a point where my dad still paid me £20 a week but also allowed me to keep half the sales I made from selling the toys from my side of the stall.

Although I was only making 20p to 50p per toy sold, this quickly added up and soon I was making an extra £20 a week in commission alone.

I had now figured out a way to earn two streams of income by 14 years old which made me learn more about what I should start doing with it right now.

By the end of the summer I saved up just over £200 and even my dad was surprised at this point.

So was I…

But this gave me a glimpse of the potential of what can be done when developing the skills needed to make more money.

My Life During University

Between 18 and 22 years old I managed to graduate with a 2nd upper-class honours degree in business administration.

However, my core focus was on marketing and finance, more specifically strategy and financial management which allowed me to examine numbers more closely and how strategic management can efficiently run a business while also managing financial matters effectively too.

But that’s not all I learnt…

You see, it can be hard relying on student loans to cover rent and everyday expenses throughout the 4 years while living away from home.

So I took matters into my own hands and discovered a way to take my efforts to make money through a part-time job along with taking the steps to make money online too.

This is where I discovered online marketplaces to buy and sell extra items I don’t need, not to mention I also discovered cryptocurrency at this point especially “Bitcoin” in 2016.

At this point, it was worth just over $200 when I first saw it, and looking back on it now I was a fool with what happened.

At this point, I invested enough to own 4 bitcoins, which would have made me over 6 figures today… But I sold early and cashed in at a 50% gain which was a lot for a university student.

At this point through my various efforts, I managed to make an extra £50 to £70 a week to cover my needs during university.

So it wasn’t all bad when you’re making money right?

My Financial Career Outside University

When I first graduated I applied to nearly 1,000 jobs… yes you read that correctly.

All these jobs were exactly what my degree covered and to top it off every single one was a “graduate job” + the type of job I wanted after.

Needless to say, 6 months later I finally got a job as a banking consultant for a prestigious global firm.

However, I quickly found out that the office jobs are repetitive, to say the least with very difficult ways to progress.

Not to mention my starting salary was £18,000… ???

What is that exactly?

How can anyone really use this amount of income (before tax) to save up for a house?

Outside of this, I noticed a lot of people I spoke with about specific issues were all related to general personal finance queries and money management.

Now, for legal reasons, I can’t specifically talk about specific conversations but in general, there were common issues that people faced daily and there wasn’t much I could do for them.

Or in fact, anyone could do it directly for them.

So over the last 5 years, I really began researching and digging deep into the fundamentals of what it takes to build your wealth and adopting the necessary habits to begin as soon as possible.

I’m not saying I know everything I need to… (as that will be nieve, to say the least)

But, I’m continually learning every day to try and share my knowledge in the most condensed way possible through my website here and also my Youtube channel too.

As I don’t plan on working until I’m 60+ years old working a corporate job and relying on my pension, which honestly… may not be worth much or even enough to sustain the lifestyle I want.

So, I hope I can help someone out there reading this now to achieve their own financial independence in 20 years or less, let’s work together to take back control of our lives and build one for our future selves and our families.

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